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Next weekend on Saturday  
05:19am 08/08/2011
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RSVP here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190274404354885

5th year

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the Annual Time Travel Picnic, the oldest and longest running annual steampunk meet up in the world. As an added bonus, this year's outing will also be a book release celebration for Wildside Press's latest novel release, the steampunk adventure “Blood In The Skies” by G. D. Falksen info here

The Annual Time Travel Picnic is five years old this year and still going!

Join us Saturday, August 13th, on Governor's Island in New York City for this year's adventure! We will be meeting at 2pm at Pier 101 on the Island, then find a spot to sit, picnic and will enjoy the festivities until closing.
Map : http://www.govisland.com/h​tml/visit/map.shtml

As a added treat we will have author G. D. Falksen http://www.gdfalksen.com/ to talk about his new book “Blood In The Skies” , http://www.gdfalksen.com/b​loodintheskies sign copies, and have some wonderful gifts to give away including signed art prints and various other goodies from Wildside Press http://www.wildsidepress.c​om/ and others .

This is a free event, and you are all welcome to bring a picnic basket if you wish. Dress Steampunk, Victorian, dandy , etc. Just come to have a good time with pals and make some new friends.

The Island's website:
Directions to the event:
The free ferries that run to the island:

I hope the fact that this event is free will get more of you to come out to enjoy the day.

For photos from past years Time Travel Picnics
The LJ where it all started five years ago

For the event listing on the islands web site look here
"Saturday, August 13th, honor the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War by joining the National Park Service and living historians who will provide family friendly activities, historic weapons demonstrations, music and other programs. Meet the Civil War soldiers and women of Governors Island from the summer of 1863."

RSVP here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190274404354885
July 16th playbill op  
04:57am 11/07/2011
mood: awake
I understand that this is extremely short notice but we were just aloud to publish something with in the playbill that makes it worth seeing who would wish to be part of it as well.


July 16th in Philadelphia Dorian's Parlor One Year Anniversary
Event info and RSVP here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117135848365529&ref=ts

I am certain you are all aware that this July 16th in Philadelphia the one year anniversary of Dorian's Parlor One Year Anniversary is talking place.

We have been extremely fortunate and privileged via Wildside Press to be aloud to publish exclusively the prologue and first chapter to the debut novel of G.D Falksen's The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood In The Skies. This means the playbill we are publishing and handing out for free to more than the 500+ attendees at our great event will include not only full color playbill of all the entertainment, performers and vendors of the event but also a preview of a book just out this July. Due to this special collector's item we now feel it is appropriate to open our playbill up for you to place your advertisements within its pages. But due to time constraints with the event we are only open to all ad slots for the next 24 hours from now, unti ll 6am Tuesday EST. So please if you wish be part of this ever growing fantastic night now is your change to have your ad within the pages of our collectable playbill with exclusive printed material.

I would love for the playbill to be full of nothing but ads for the fantastic fashion and accessory stores and such I see post here all the time.

Info on add space needs here
The details you need to knowCollapse )

It should also be noted that during the event we are having quite a large amount of press and media filming for documentaries and a number of other things so it is a chance to have your promotional material seen by members of the press and TV as well.

If you wish to jump on this short lived opportunity please email for ASAP info : apramagioulis@gmail.com

Thank you and I hope you come if you can. It's really becoming something special beyond the magic we do monthly at Dorian's Parlor.
Joshy's Back On A Stage! 
01:01pm 04/07/2011
mood: sick
I'm looking rather forward to Abney Park's Seattle show coming up on the 9th. Joshy Georing is going to be playing guitar and Nathan(nathan_fhtagn) is going to be playing everything else. Joshy used to be in Abney Park and recorded the "From Dreams Or Angels" album along with Rachel(theblackdeer). He is one of the best guitar players I've ever heard! Civita did a gig with his band Xanther awhile back and we bonded over Civita's Tool cover. I can't wait to see him play!
July 16th We are celebrating Dorian’s Parlor one year anniversary! 
03:54pm 06/06/2011
mood: working

This July 16th We are celebrating our one year anniversary!

RSVP here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117135848365529

Do dress to the nines in Dandy, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Vintage, Black Tie

Buy Tickets HERE: http://doriansparlor.ticketleap.com/dorians-parlor-one-year-anniversary/t/facebook/


$25 gets you admission, drink ticket, and Hors D'oeuvres

One year ago we opened our doors to you and most importantly you came. You came dressed to the 9s and became part of our monthly event. You saw and experienced the fantastic roster of award winning and incredible preformers, bands, artists and fashion designers. Without you we would be nothing and thus we now celebrate our one year anniversary by tossing the biggest and best party ever just for you, our beloved guests.

As always, the whole evening has been formulated like a fine elixir to amuse, tantalize and amaze you.

We are honored to have the exclusive release event for G. D. Falksen's debut novel “Blood In The Skies”, a fast-paced steampunk adventure story set in a world of excitement, danger, and aviation. Join Wing Commander Steele of the Commonwealth Air Force as she battles mysterious assassins and bloodthirsty pirates bent on delivering a doomsday weapon into the hands of a madman. Coming this summer from Wildside Press. Penned by G. D. Falksen fantastic illustrations by Jeni Hellum. We are lucky to offer you not only the first glance at this great book but also be privileged to hear a reading by the author and illustartor done in a classic radioland performance style, a treat not to be missed.

With such incredible music acts as "This Way to the Egress!", whose debut album is out soon; and the immortal and world famous Voltaire, who will serenade you of the wonders of being Evil while masterfuly playing his guitar. You know these performers' talent and music, and now is your chance to see them at Dorian's Parlor.

We are honored and very fortunate to have fashion designer Anthony Canney, head of the design house The House of Canney, where the trends from history never looked so fresh. Specializing in bespoke, historically inspired fashion and corsetry, Canney has traveled half way across the contury to show you his latest designs on gorgeous models in our fashion show.

And that's not all. We have dozens of one of a kind venders eager to sell you their great wears, preformers yet to be named (we must keep some surprises), glorious food and drink, and one of the best DJs out there, DJ Dave Ghoul, spinning song after song to keep you dancing the night away. There will be a vintage style photo booths to capture your evening with our talented photographers. We will have a mountain of door prizes and give aways from such places as Wildside Press, Retroscope Fashions, Steampunk Tales and many more all just for you. Prehaps a special bit of cake to celebrate a year of letting us entertain you. So come to our birthday party dressed your best and ejoy the spectacle we have prepared just for you. You will will not want to miss the event that surely will be totted as one of the parties of the year.

Come to the event of the yearCollapse )
Thank you for healing my soul 
05:00am 11/04/2011
  I had a much longer post about the amazing Spokane show but lost it, which may be good since I want to keep this short.

The show was innocent and appealed to children/teenagers. You even played A - Z! I've been following the band for years (almost a decade) and never saw that until the Spokane show. Thank you. It was just what I needed to hear, the innocence!

Your song "Victoria" has inspired me to act when I saw marks on a child's body and statements like "I am afraid of grandma." Thank you! I know I caught Nathan and Jody and they wrote down comforting quotes for me. It may help in the child abuse documentary I'm likely to release on Youtube when it's done.

Your song "Letters" inspired me to write this: http://community.livejournal.com/horrible_con/
While it's usually tacky to ask for money, I need to since I'm on the run from domestic violence and can't return to the abusive home.

Hope this post wasn't too personal, and I also ask that any "trolling" comments or attacks be deleted from the comments section. THANK YOU AGAIN!
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07:29pm 25/09/2010
The veterans of Russian industrial-psychedelic rock. The first band to play dark wave music in Russia.
WATCH THE VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU2kpVIMJUg

You can also read the story about writing the song and ask Yuri Zvezdniy on his official LJ page
Official page of this video
Download the new retrospective album
Last FM --->
Official site of the band--->
Official Myspace page--->
This Saturday in philly  
12:55pm 10/09/2010
mood: awake
Are you going to be there?


This saturday is Dorians Parlor

Fast flyer

This Saturday have fun , get on TV, play in Brooklyn 
04:09am 30/07/2010
mood: awake
The Lost Circus
Details & RSVP:http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Sat, July 31, 11:59pm-4am,

The Circus is said to have started in ancient Egypt when the court entertainers of an immortal Pharaoh escaped their slavery under a midnight moon. They have traveled the globe for centuries, gathering talent from every great empire as the empire itself begins to crumble: Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, London, Berlin...and now they have made it across the sea.

At the stroke of midnight, discover a circus long lost. With music from times gone by or times that never were: dark string fusion by Brooklyn's own Copal and bohemian cabaret in 13 languages by Vagabond Opera - our special guests from Portland, OR. And announcing our secret guest: circus composer Sxip Shirey, on his last night before he leaves NYC.

The circus unfolds to the bands and in between: mind-bending contortion by Jonathan Nosan, aerial dance by Madeline Hoak; tribal fusion bellydance by Lauren Robbiani and special guest Rio; fire & gorgeousness by Ali Luminescent; gypsy fortunetelling by Kai Altair; an original installation & performance by artist (and Minsky Sister) Kristen Rhea van Liew. Kinetically sculptural poem of bondage, beauty, and light by The Baroness. Beautiful costumed creatures perform feats of fire in the courtyard. Dusty circus visuals set the mood. DJ sophybot fascinates your ears with a renegade circus tent soundtrack. With your ever-dapper host, steampunk author G.D. Falksen . Fanciful body artistry by AMBodyArt. Photo-op custom art installation with works by Molly Crabapple and Kathleen Green.

There will be a film crew from France shooting a Doc for French TV at this event so it is a chance to get on TV as well.

Dress code (required): dark cabaret, traveling circus, steampunk, Victorian, Edward Gorey,City of Lost Children.

FB: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141792552504061&ref=mf

Details & RSVP:http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html

So who will I see at this?
This Saturday night. 
07:38am 08/06/2010

June 12th
8PM - 12AM
Doubletree of Center City 237
South Broad Street, Philadelphia PA

Drink Specials, Hors D'oeuvres, Live music, Dancing, Vendors, Prize for best dressed and so much more.

With : G.D. Falksen , Psyche Corp ,Vintage Belly dancers, Lyndsay Faye the Author of" Dust and Shadow", Tsirkus Fotografika Cabinet card photos, DJ Dave Ghoul and many more.

Oh my, there is so much more here just for you.Collapse )
Also we have just enough space for 3 more vendors to come and show there wears, If you would like to do so, act fast and contact us at Vending@doriansparlor.com for more details.
World Steam Expo 
12:48pm 22/04/2010

Ladies and Gentleman, you have less then 4 weeks now until one of the most fantastic events ever to happen anywhere in the world. I invite you to the one and only World Steam Expo!
Memorial Day Weekend, 2010
Dearborn, Michigan.

Come behold the many wonders we have in store for you.
Our most fantastic guests include Terrance Zdunich of Repo! The Genetic Opera, G.D. Falksen , Phil and Kaja Foglio of 'Girl Genius'. With music by the likes of 'The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" for their first time in the US, The Gypsy Nomads, Abney Park and many more!

We will be there to bring you one of the greatest weekends of your life, the question I ask you my dear friends, will you be there?
Just 2 days left to pre-register. We look forward to meeting you, and your expectations.
Dieselpunks Interview - Brian Gardner of Swing Goth 
11:25pm 28/01/2010
  Interview with Brian Gardner of Swing Goth and the Tim Burton Ball

Dieselpunks Interview - Brian Gardner of Swing Goth

Gearing up for Wonderland: The Tim Burton Ball

This February, Swing Goth is gearing up for Wonderland: The Tim Burton Ball, it's first bi-coastal event. Taking place in San Francisco, then NYC, goths and *punks will have a chance to learn how to swing dance before jumping in feet first with a live performance by Abney Park. Brian Gardner, the founder of Swing Goth, shares a bit about his love of dance, neo-swing music, and what it really takes to cut a rug in today's clubs.

Read more at Dieselpunks
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New Abney Park Forum 
11:21pm 08/01/2010
  Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have created a brand new forum for fans of Abney Park to come & talk about the band & their music!


Would love to see some of you all there!
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Attention UK people! 
09:15pm 23/12/2009
  There's a Steampunk exhibition at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science at the moment. It runs until the 21st February and it looks like there is some gorgeous stuff there. I'm hoping to make the trip down from Liverpool when things are a little less bonkers.  
Thanksgiving sentiment from AP's official heckler 
10:09am 28/11/2009
mood: artistic
Nathan from AP posted a warm and genuine sentiment for thanksgiving (Grateful for ALL my fb friends...yadda yadda...blah blah blah fishcake). I might have paraphrased that since I don't have short-term memory when being sarcastic is an alternative.

Anyway, I stomped on him lovingly but hecklingly with my response:
"Thankful even for me? Stop eating tryptophan! Nobody could love the evil heckler/stalker who shows up late for your solo gig and still whines about fake blood on her favorite steampunk skirt?'
Monday on tuesday during Tor.com's Steampunk month 
06:54am 16/10/2009
Find out this tuesday on http://www.tor.com/.

Cut and paste for image code here
Icons of Steampunk - Interview with Abney Park 
09:54pm 24/09/2009
mood: cheerful
Icons of Steampunk - Abney Park

It's a hard life being a musical airship pirate.

You can never tell which to loot first when you land, the instrument dealer or the liquor store.

Thankfully, Abney Park can build their own gear, so there's always more time for rum.

Since their beginning in the early 1990's, Abney Park has grown to be the quintesential spokespeople for the steampunk sub-culture. Talented and well spoken, they've has been touted in print, on the web, and on television (MTV, G4TV, etc.) as the go-to people for all things steampunk.

I had the chance to speak with the captain of this rowdy crew after they returned from their stunning show at DragonCon 2009. With over 30,000 freaks, geeks, and fantasy/sci-fi punks buzzing around Atlanta that weekend, there was quite the story to tell.

Click here to read our Icons of Steampunk interview with Captain Robert of Abney Park
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Friday, 4th September ,at Dragon con 
12:54am 30/08/2009
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At this years Dragon con http://www.dragoncon.org/
the Steampunk Track http://www.chronotrack.org/
Friday the 4th you have

Dragon con steampunk meet up
Followed by
Steampunk fashion show

All the other four days of the Steampunk Track fun and Schedule can be found